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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ME: The Abridged Version

This is my first page for this album. I have all the papers needed for this class. Except for the background paper. (Rosemary, I know you are thinking "How in bloody hell does she NOT have background papers?", but I don't. I want kraft and I can't find mine. I know I have it somewhere. So being the impatient soul that I am, I decided to play with PSE7 and see what popped out. I am THRILLED with the outcome.
Cathy Z is a GREAT teacher. She is teaching/leading us on how to get a book about ME. Okay if you were taking the class yours would be about YOU. But since I am taking it, mine is about ME. ME ME ME.
I have always wanted to do a book about me. With stories that my family can read later in life and get to know me a bit better. So when Cathy offered this class, it was a NO BRAINER.
Now that I have the first page done digitally, I have to find something to do with all the other patterned paper I just cut into specific sized pieces. Hmmm. Card sets maybe?????


Stephanie LaRue said...

OMG - this is fantastic! I love it! I am chuckling that you didn't have the appropriate background paper (hahahahahahaha). My, but I have a talented friend!

scrap4fun said...

Looks great!!! You are very creative...
Have a great day!